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About your photographer...

I believe the simplest things in life make you the happiest. I believe the best things in life aren’t things.

believe everything happens for a reason. I believe that life is a gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Hi, I’m Tonya! A small town girl with city sized dreams! I love the simple life and capturing my subjects

on camera with that editorial direction. I specialize in natural light photography and don’t believe that it

takes a ton of equipment, largelight setups, or fancy locations to produce a great photograph or capture

the natural beauty of a subject. My goal with each session is to produce timeless, romantic, happy,

in-the-moment photographs.


My education includes a Master of Arts degree in Communication: Photojournalism from Pittsburg State University. I also received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Communication from Pittsburg State University and am a graduate of Pleasanton High School.


When most people think of photojournalism, they automatically associate a photojournalist to newspaper, TV, or some sort of publication. Photojournalism is simply using pictures to tell a story—which is my goal with every session. I absolutely LOVE being able to communicate someone’s story or mile-stone in life through photographs. Whether it’s senior portraits for young adults as they approach the end of their childhood, or documenting a wedding as two lives become one, it is a very special skill that I’ve been blessed with the ability to do. I like to put a contemporary look on photos and break out of some of the traditional posing that has been popular in previous years. I also love doing fashion-esque type shoots, as well as entertainment photography. I’m not out for competition with other photographers, I just do what I do and share it with others who support me. I love building my portfolio and am always striving to become a better photographer on this journey! 


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